49-State MK136 Engine Calibration


  • 2017-2020 M8 Touring Models
    • Calibration is locked.  Customers cannot view or change any of the tuning parameters

  • DJT calibration file is software level 942.  This is the latest version H-D has released for 2017-2020 touring models.  The stock calibration will be overwritten when new calibration for the MK136 is downloaded / install.  This file covers both twin cooled and oil cooled engines.  

  • 2021-up models require a different calibration.  Further development is underway for calibration support on 2021-up bikes. 

570-0070 Tune Software - 2017-2020 Touring Models (475 cam)

Download 475 Tune

MK136 (475) PDF Manual

Download 475 PDF Manual

Year Group and Supported Combination

  • 2017-2020 H-D M8 Touring Model

  • PN 310-1290 MK136 Engine with 475 camshaft, Stock Throttle Body, 5.5g injectors

  •  Exhaust - Stock H-D catalyst header with S&S GNX 4.5” mufflers

    • DB inserts installed

  • Air Cleaner - S&S Stealth with stock or +1 air filter 

  • Run this specified combination to be emissions compliant 

    • Deviation from specified setup may result in improper engine performance and in which case S&S is not liable for technical support or troubleshooting.