Paul Skarie - President

Paul Skarie-leadership-pagePaul is an industry veteran, having spent a decade and a half with Harley-Davidson and possesses an intimate understanding of the powersports space. His experience spans multiple disciplines including retail, dealer and product. Paul also spent several years running Harley's operations in Australia and New Zealand and is an avid rider and motorcycle enthusiast. In addition to riding, Paul enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing and running.

Paul has a Bachelor of Business Administration from University Wisconsin-Eau Claire as well as an MBA from Marquette university.

Paul Devine - VP of Sales


Paul’s OEM level experience at Harley Davidson & Buell allows him to see both sides of the dealer network. This unique perspective of the sales channels that impact our company is one of Paul’s greatest assets and one he is often called on to leverage. 

He leads a team of highly experienced sales and tech personnel as well as managing our OEM and contract business. 

Paul holds B.A. degrees from Ottawa University, in Business Management & in Business Administration; he also holds a minor in Marketing. Outside of work Paul enjoys travel, hunting, fishing, golf and bicycling. Paul is also an avid motorcyclist and can often be found wrist down on the back roads of Southern Wisconsin. 

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George Sinn - VP of Finance/CFO


George brings with him 35 years of experience in finance, 25 of which are focused on the motorsports industry.  Sinn is a high-caliber financial and accounting executive with a track record of consistent value added and continuous improvement activities.  

 George holds a BS in Business Administration and CPA Certification. He is well versed in acquisitions, budgeting and forecasting and utilizes internal and external data, including industry knowledge, market activity, competition and economic circumstances. 

George is an enthusiast of the motorsports industry but prefers 4 wheels and enjoys camping and time with family and friends.  

Karl Osterberg - VP of Operations

Karl OsterbergKarl brings several decades of boots on the ground style of leadership to the manufacturing floor and a level headed approach to his work. His methodical and detail oriented methodology provides the perfect balance to the complex world of manufacturing.

Having held several roles within S&S Cycle, including leading the QA and Contract Manufacturing teams, Karl leverages his experience and in depth knowledge of the organization to effectively manage the fast paced shop floor.

Karl's education includes a BS degree in mechanical engineering and hobbies include hunting, fishing, boating and snowmobiling.

Laura Bodenbender -  Director of Human Resources & Safety


Laura has 20 years of experience in the Human Resources and Safety Management arenas.  She has worked in both public and private sector industries including Philips, Aurora Health Care, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and 10 years with S&S Cycle.  

Laura holds a BS in Finance with an emphasis in Human Resources from Upper Iowa University.  She has recruited some of the “best” in the powersports business to advance our company and understands the delicate balance between human and resource. 

Her knowledge and thorough approach to managing human capital have proven an asset each time S&S has faced challenging growth cycles. 

Laura enjoys spending time with her family as well as camping and fishing.

David Zemla - VP Marketing


David is a motorcycle industry veteran with an impressive track record of marketing successes. Before coming to S&S, he served in marketing leadership positions in several well-known, and successful companies such as Performance Machine, Burly Brand, and Progressive Suspension.

Zemla brings a comprehensive marketing skill set to S&S. In addition to extensive experience with traditional marketing channels, he has expertise in contemporary marketing techniques including content creation, website design and management, social media marketing, and marketing analytics. He also has an in-depth understanding of the technology and best practices to leverage these powerful tools.

David is an avid rider, builds at least one custom bike each year and is a passionate enthusiast of all things two wheeled. 

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