Camshafts for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

550 Big Bore Horsepower

475 100 HP Cam

  • Bolt in 100 Horsepower! (when coupled with intake and exhaust)
  • Perfect for 107" and 114" engines
  • Compatible with all stock valve train components

465 Torque Cam

  • Improved Torque and HP
  • Perfect bolt-in cam for heavy touring bikes

350 Stock Grind Cam

    • Gear Drive to eliminate cam chain and cam chain tensioner
    • No calibration required

      Features and Benefits

      • Kits include all required bearings, o-rings, and hardware
      • Gear drive cams provide improved valve timing accuracy
      • Gear drive kits include drive gears
      • Made in the USA

      Chain Drive Camshafts For 2017-'18 HD® Models With M8 Engine

      Description Part #
      550C 330-0643
      475C 330-0641



      Gear Drive Camshafts For 2017-'18 HD® Models With M8 Engine

      Description Part #
      550G 330-0647
      475G 330-0645
      465G 330-0624
      350G (stock grind) 330-0625
      DYNO 475 PTD GN vs Stock S&S 475 cam shown in conjunction with S&S Exhaust and S&S Stealth Air Cleaner vs. Stock 2017 Touring bike. BOLT-IN 100 Horsepower!
      DYNO 550 CAMS IN 114 The S&S 550 Cam was designed with larger displacement engines in mind. It provides enough air to let that big engine breathe! Shown here in a 114" with S&S Power Tune Duals, Mk45 Mufflers & Stealth Air Cleaner

      Valve Springs for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Works well with cams up to .605" lift
      • High Performance conical single wire spring
      • Kit includes: Springs, Top Collars, Keepers, Valve Seal/Bottom Collar
      DescriptionPart #
      Valve Spring Kit for M8 2017-'18 Touring900-0958

      Pushrods for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Super strong chromoly steel reduces pushrod flex
      • Adjustable - Compatible with all cams and tappets
      • Kit includes: Chrome Covers, O-rings, and Cover Keepers
      DescriptionPart #
      Quickee Pushrod Kit930-0123

      Tappets for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • 100% tested for low leakdown rate
      • Reduce noise
      • Superior high rpm performance
      • Always replace tappets with your new Cam!
      DescriptionPart #
      Premium High Performance HL2T330-0174
      Premium High Performance without HL2T330-0175
      High Performance Tappets33-5350