Camshafts for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

590 Big Bore Max Horsepower Cam NEW 

  • Designed as an all out Horsepower Cam for 124" and larger engines
  • 590 cam powerband is weighted to top end performance, peaking past the redline of a stock motor
  • Will require Heavy Duty Valve Springs

550 Big Bore Horsepower Cam

  • Ideal for 114" and larger engines
  • 550 cam is a higher lift version of the 475 for higher RPM power!
  • Will require Heavy Duty Valve Springs

540 Big Bore Torque Cam NEW 

  • Designed for increased torque in 124" and larger engines
  • 540 cam powerband further enhances massive torque output of our popular 124” and 128” Big Bore Kits
  • Will require Heavy Duty Valve Springs

475 - 100 HP Cam

  • Bolt in 100 Horsepower! (when coupled with intake and exhaust)
  • Perfect for 107" and 114" engines
  • Compatible with all stock valve train components
  • 50-State compliant version available

465 Torque Cam

  • Improved Torque and HP
  • Perfect bolt-in cam for heavy touring bikes

350 Stock Grind Cam

    • Gear Drive to eliminate cam chain and cam chain tensioner
    • No calibration required

      Features and Benefits

      • Kits include all required bearings, o-rings, and hardware
      • Gear drive cams provide improved valve timing accuracy
      • Gear drive kits include drive gears
      • Made in the USA

      Chain Drive Camshafts For 2017-'20 HD® Models With M8 Engine

      DescriptionPart #
      590C NEW330-0730
      540C NEW330-0713
      475C (50-State)330-0725



      Gear Drive Camshafts For 2017-'20 HD® Models With M8 Engine

      DescriptionPart #
      590G NEW330-0732
      540G NEW330-0715
      475G (50-State)330-0726
      350G (stock grind)330-0625
      DYNO-590-cams-vs-114-stock The S&S 590 Cam was designed for all out horsepower in 124 ci and larger motors. Weighted towards top end performance, it loves CNC heads, big throttle bodies and monster motors. Shown here in a 131" stroker build.
      DYNO 550 CAMS IN 114 The S&S 550 Cam was designed with larger displacement engines in mind. It provides enough air to let that big engine breathe! Shown here in a 114" with S&S Power Tune Duals, Mk45 Mufflers & Stealth Air Cleaner
      DYNO 2017 FLHTK 540 cam vs stock 107 S&S 540 Cam was designed to enhance the torque delivery of big cubic inch M8 motors, summoning a big fat serving of tire shredding, instant accelerating torque while carrying plenty of horsepower through the rev range. 
      DYNO 475 PTD GN vs Stock S&S 475 cam shown in conjunction with S&S Exhaust and S&S Stealth Air Cleaner vs. Stock 2017 Touring bike. BOLT-IN 100 Horsepower!

      Forged Roller Rocker Arms for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Forged from 8620 steel for greater strength
      • Designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
      • Rollers eliminate thrusting on valves for decreased wear on the valve train
      • Rocker geometry is better suited to high lift cams
      • Bushings are 50% longer than stock, increasing time between rebuilds
      • Larger surface area on the thrust surfaces reduces wear on the heads
      • Oil is sprayed directly on the valve springs, reducing potential for breaking a valve due to over-heating (stock rockers tend to oil the rocker boxes, not the valves)
      • Compatible with stock or S&S CNC heads
      • 1.640 Ratio
      • Capable of .650" max Valve Lift
      • Serviceable and rebuildable for generations of durabilty
      • A must have for cams with .550" or greater lift!
      DescriptionPart #
      S&S Forged Roller Rocker Arms for M8 Models900-1084
      Rebuild Kit900-1087

      Pushrods for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Super strong chromoly steel reduces pushrod flex
      • Adjustable - Compatible with all cams and tappets
      • Kit includes: Chrome Covers, O-rings, and Cover Keepers
      DescriptionPart #
      Quickee Pushrod Kit930-0123
      Quickee Pushrods with Gloss Black Covers930-0137

      Valve Springs for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Works well with cams up to .605" lift
      • High Performance conical single wire spring
      • Kit includes: Springs, Top Collars, Keepers, Valve Seal/Bottom Collar
      DescriptionPart #
      Valve Spring Kit for M8 2017-'18 Touring900-0958

      Tappets for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Reduced valve train noise from start up to shut down
      • Close tolerances for low leak down rates
      • Fast pump up and superior high rpm performance
      • Always replace tappets with your new Cam!
      DescriptionPart #
      Precision Tappets330-0718

      Cam Chain Tensioner for HD® 2017-Up Milwaukee-Eight® Models

      • Precision Machined from Billet Aluminum
      • Thicker shoe for longer wear
      • Direct chain oiling
      • Larger piston for more consistent pressure
      • Tighter tolerances improves stability
      • MADE IN USA
        DescriptionPart #
        Cam Chain Tensioner330-0737

        Tappet Cuffs for HD® Milwaukee-Eight® Models

        • Hard anodized black coating
        • Billet aluminum construction
        • Stronger material eliminates distortion
        • Improve tappet stability in high lift and high rpm situations
        • An easy upgrade when changing tappets or doing a cam change
          DescriptionPart #
          Tappet Cuffs330-0655