Special Order Forms

Special order requests are available to our dealers and priced after we receive the completed request form. Please choose the correct request form and fill out all fields then hit send. The information will be submitted to one of our sales techs and you will receive pricing & approval within 24 hours. Production time for the final product may take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Flywheel, SF3,
1999-2017 bt

Google_Forms_logo.svgPart # 329-0002

Cylinder Set,
1999-2017 bt

Google_Forms_logo.svgPart # 91-7506

Head Kit,
Stock H-D®, CNC Ported

Google_Forms_logo.svgPart # 106-5880

Head Kit,
1966-1984 bt

Google_Forms_logo.svgPart # 90-1490

2013 PS160

Google_Forms_logo.svgPart # 339-0003