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Easimap Software (R74)

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Easimap Manual

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Download these files and put in the following folder. \Documents\Easimap 6\Projects\996



Pro-Tune II

protuneThe NEW ProTune II 4.0 software is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems (Windows® 7 and later). It offers two levels for tuning your S&S VFI (Variable Fuel Injection) ECM (Engine Control Module), basic level for general tuning and advanced level for detailed tuning. The requirements of a specific tuning job and the tuner's level of skill should determine which level is used.

ProTune II 4.0

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ProTune II Manual

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VFI ECM Instructions

Wideband Manual

Wide Band Kit cover

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Ohlins Shock Absorber Manual

Ohlins Rear Shock Manual-1

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Translogic Is2 Intelleshift Manual

iS2 Intellishift Manual cover

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Ohlins Front Fork Manual

OM_07283-02_Front fork conv FG620-FG621-1

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