Quickee Pushrod Set
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Quickee Pushrod Set

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These Quickee pushrods for 1969-'84 HD® big twin engines can be both installed and removed easily. The S&S design permits a simple, trouble free installation that does not require removal of the gas tank, rocker assemblies, or even the rocker box cover! OEM pushrods may be cut to permit removal without rocker disassembly. The threaded adjuster screws into the pushrod until the threads disengage and the adjuster simply slides into the pushrod, making installation or removal a snap. Once the pushrod is installed and adjusted, the locknut prevents the adjuster from moving. Works with stock pushrod covers and Adjustable to work with all stock and aftermarket cams. Fits 74" and 103" engines with stock rocker arms.

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1984-’99 cams must be used with this kit to ensure correct valve timing. These cams are not included with the kit. Refer to page 5-20 for S&S camshaft recommendations to be used with this kit. If sourcing cams from another manufacturer, note that timing specifications will be unchanged, but the actual lift will be about 9% lower than specified due to the difference in rocker arm ratio. S&S billet tappet guides for shovelhead engines are similar in design to S&S tappet guides for 1984-’99 big twin engines. For that reason, they are not a direct replacement for stock parts, but must be used in conjunction with S&S tappets and cams for 1984-'99 big twin engines. Tappet bore geometry is corrected to compensate for the difference in pushrod angles between the engine types in order to maintain specified valve event timing. When selecting a cam, keep in mind that timing specifications will be the same as shown for 1984-'99 engines, but there will be about a 9% reduction in valve lift due to the lower shovelhead rocker arm ratio.