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Does S&S Cycle do engine rebuilds and service work for the general public?

No.  All S&S Cycle engine rebuilds, machining and service work must go through an S&S dealer.  Many of our dealers have service shops and can help you directly with repairs.  But, if you want S&S Cycle to rebuild an engine, flywheels, carburetor etc., you will need to contact an S&S dealer for an estimate.  The S&S dealer can ship the parts to the S&S Service & Speed Center for repair, and handle all the billing.

What is the address to send back a return?

S&S Cycle
322 Causeway Blvd
La Crosse WI  54603

How can I tell what size engine I have?
Call one of our sales associates with the complete crankcase serial number and we can tell you how we sent it out.
How do I become an S&S Dealer?

Please visit our website  under the Dealer Center tab “how to become a dealer” and the application will give a list of requirements to become a S&S dealer.
How do I obtain a MSO?
Crankcases/tranny cases and engines all require a MSO (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin). Have your serial number handy and contact our MSO department at 608-627-1497. Duplicate MSO cost $60.
How late can I get an order in and ship same day?
Providing the part is in stock, generally we can ship same day up to 2:30 pm CST.

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