S&S<sup>®</sup> Forged 3 5/8" Bore Piston For 1936-'84 OHV Big Twins - Standard
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S&S® Forged 3 5/8" Bore Piston For 1936-'84 OHV Big Twins - Standard

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This new forged, high compression, 3-5/8" bore stroker piston replaces several cast and forged big bore pistons that S&S® previously offered. Applications for this piston include 88" (4-1/4" stroke). 93" (4-1/2" stroke), and 96" (4-5/8" stroke) engines with stock 81/2" diameter flywheels, and 98" (4-3/4" stroke) and 103" (5" stroke) engines with 8-1/4" small diameter flywheels. As with the new stock bore stroker piston, the modern metallurgy and advanced skirt profiles allow a relatively close piston fit for low engine noise and long engine life. 3-5/8" bore, standard bore.

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Compression ratios will change when replacing existing pistons in S&S engines with this series of forged pistons. If higher compression is desired, we suggest shortening cylinders, or decking heads to achieve the desired compression ratio. A change of .060" will produce approximately 1 point of change in the compression ratio. S&S offers machine shop services through the S&S Service and Speed Center®. New pistons can be fit to your existing cylinders for a reasonable charge, and cylinders can be shortened to your specifications if higher compression ratio is desired.