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    Cast Tappet Guide Set for Special Application Cases, 1984-'99 HD® Big Twins - Wrinkle Black

    Item #: 33-5325
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    Due to the .250 offset in the cam chest of Special Application (SA) S&S® crankcases for 1984-'99 HD® big twin engines, special tappet guides with corrected pushrod tube angles must be used to assure a proper pushrod tube seal and prevent oil leaks. Wrinkle black

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    S&S® engines for 1984-’99 chassis with larger than 3 13/16" bores are typically built using special crankcases such as S&S Special Application cases which have an offset right side gear cavity for more tappet guide to cylinder clearance. S&S offers special tappet guides machined to compensate for the change in pushrod angle caused by the cam chest offset of these cases.