S&S<sup>®</sup> 4-5/8" Stroke Flywheel Assembly W/O Sprocket Shaft Bearing Race For S&S<sup>®</sup> T124 Engines and Hot Set Up Kit<sup>®</sup>, 2007-'16 Non-balanced HD<sup>®</sup> Big Twins, and 2006 Dyna Mode
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S&S® 4-5/8" Stroke Flywheel Assembly W/O Sprocket Shaft Bearing Race For S&S® T124 Engines and Hot Set Up Kit®, 2007-'16 Non-balanced HD® Big Twins, and 2006 Dyna Mode

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This 4-5/8" stroke 8-1/2" diameter flywheel assembly replaces the original flywheels in S&S® T124 T2 engines, and fits 2006 HD® Dyna models and all 2007-'16 big twin models as part of an S&S® 124" Hot Set Up Kit®. Sprocket shaft does not have a stock style bearing race pressed on. This flywheel assembly is for crankcases with Timken® sprocket shaft bearing. Flywheel assembly is three piece design. Pinion and sprocket shafts are forged as part of the flywheel. The only joints in the assembly are where the 1.671" diameter connecting rod crankpin is pressed into the flywheels. Flywheels are CNC machined from heat-treated, closed die, steel forgings, which are 114% stronger than late style stock steel flywheels. Fully assembled with premium quaility S&S® heavy duty 7.667" connecting rods, with full width wrist pin ends, and dynamically balanced. Assembly is trued to less than .0005" runout on pinion and sprocket shaft bearing surfaces, making them capable of higher rpm and fully compatible with gear drive cams.

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All S&S® Flywheels for 1999-'06 engines have 7.667” length connecting rods. Flywheel assemblies supplied with sprocket shaft bearing race installed are compatible with stock roller style sprocket shaft bearings.