Step 1 Intake And Exhaust

Everything to Gain Up to 10 hp! More Air - More Power!

That's what Step 1 of the S&S® 4-Step Performance Program is all about. A high flowing S&S intake makes more air available to your engine, and a set of S&S performance slip-on mufflers or complete exhaust system gets the exhaust out of the engine to make room for more air. Power is nothing without style, and S&S combines our legendary Proven Performance® with a lot of great looking options like air cleaners, tuned induction, and high performance exhaust.

Step 1 is the best deal going for easy, economical horsepower. Reasonable prices and easy installation keep the price tag under control, and in most cases you save more money because no tuning is required. However for the best performance and driveability, we recommend carburetor or EFI recalibration.

Keep your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle real deal with American made S&S intake and exhaust!

S&S Air Cleaner Kits

Three Ways to Get More Air

S&S gives you styling choices when it comes to intakes, and they all come with S&S Cycle's Proven Performance® guarantee.

S&S® Stealth Air Cleaner Kits

Stealth Air Cleaner Kits

Use your stock air cleaner cover so nobody knows how fast your bike is, or choose a kit with a custom S&S billet cover.

Classic Teardrop Air Cleaner Kits

Classic Teardrop Air Cleaner Kits

Introduced in 1976, the teardrop air cleaner was first to feature the radiused inlet and stinger for more controlled airflow.

Single Bore Tuned Induction System Kits

Single Bore Tuned Induction System Kits

The aggressive styling increases horsepower and torque using air column inertia and carefully timed gas dynamic pressure waves.

S&S Power Tune Performance Exhaust

Power, Sound, and Style!


An S&S air cleaner lets more air in and S&S exhaust gets the burned gases out, making more power together than the total of either one alone.