Dealer Training Courses

S&S Dealer Training and Certification Programs

dealer-trainingS&S® Cycle has selected PowerSport Institute, a division of Ohio Technical College to conduct its Factory Training Center to train technicians in the installation and tuning of S&S high performance engine kits and the repair of S&S high performance motorcycle engines and fuel delivery systems. Starting in January 2011, the first PSI-operated S&S Factory Training Center classes will cover the S&S Variable Fuel Injection (VFI) system and the Sidewinder training course that detail the mechanical aspects of engines and kits. The classes will serve S&S dealer technicians from around the world who want to expand their knowledge of servicing this premium line of motorcycle engines.

Class size is limited to a maximum of six students to keep the student to teacher ratio down.  Students who complete the courses will be proficient at servicing and rebuilding S&S engines and using the Protune II software. We've even added an additional day to each Center for increased hands-on/diagnostic time and classroom material. Yes, Sidewinder (engine class) is now increased to 4 days from 3! The popular VFI Tuning course has also lengthened to 4 days from 2. We've added more shop time for more "hands-on" opportunity including troubleshooting techniques and key diagnostic procedures. Students will also become proficient using ProTune II to calibrate engines with various S&S components and performance packages!

Benefits for Certified Dealers

Attending training and becoming certified at S&S Cycle brings you and your shop many rewards. It starts with your customers who ride S&S equipped bikes; they will know you are trained to provide them the best service possible. It is also very important that S&S will recognize your shop and promote you as a certified dealer on our website.


Dealers who have achieved any level of certification will be recognized on the Dealer Locator of the S&S website. This is an important consideration since the S&S website receives over a half million visits every month. We'd like to send some of that traffic your way, and it stands to reason that certified dealers will be more apt to attract customers on the Dealer Locator than dealers who are not certified.

Registration Procedure

To secure your seat in a training center class, visit the PowerSport Institute (PSI) website and you'll be on your way to a whole new training experience.
Log in to the PSI website at: or contact PSI at (800) 322-7000 ext. 203.