Service and Speed Center



S&S Cycle Moves Away From In-House Service Center To Expand Manufacturing Capabilities.

As our market evolves so has our business and each day we refine the S&S organization to make it better, faster and more efficient. Service & Speed has operated for the last decade as our in-house rebuild center, offering machine shop services and motor remanufacturing to our valued customers and we are grateful for the opportunity to have served you. The introduction of our cost saving, turn key long blocks in addition to our new competitively priced short blocks changed the landscape of the reman world and replaced much of the need for a rebuild arm at S&S. After careful analysis we have chosen to move away from the service center and focus on launching more new products than ever before. Effective 9-2017, S&S is no longer taking service work. We thank all that have worked with us and look forward to being your performance parts supplier in the future.