Engine Rebuild Program

S&S Rebuilds Stock Engines!

engine rebuild programYou may have heard that Harley-Davidson® no longer offers the factory remanufacturing program, but not to worry! S&S has been offering a similar service for years. We still do, and the S&S Engine Rebuild Program offers a lot of extras the factory didn’t.

S&S Rebuild Program Features

  • Engines are rebuilt with Viola V-Twin® quality service parts
  • Full machine shop service for repairs and performance upgrades
  • 30 day labor and 1 year parts warranty
  • You get the same engine back – keep your original VIN
  • Keep any  performance upgrades you've made - if serviceable
  • If you want your used parts back, just pay the shipping costs

S&S Rebuild Program Benefits

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dealers! Offer engine rebuild service without tying up your service dept
  • Expert workmanship using premium Viola V-Twin® components


  • Same as Stock Rebuilds
  • Performance Upgrades

Basic Package

We have basic rebuild packages for 1984-’99 Evolution® big twin engines and for 1999-present big twin A and B style engines except CVO engines*. If you want your engine to run just like it did when your bike rolled off the showroom floor and be street legal, the basic package is the one for you.

The basic package includes the automatic replacement of certain wear items such as pistons, valves, valve springs, bearings, etc. and all other parts will be inspected and repaired if needed to ensure that they are within factory specifications. Rebuilds for 1999-later engines automatically include an S&S 3-piece flywheel assembly. If an engine has more than normal wear and tear, and there are unserviceable parts that normally could be reused or rebuilt, the dealer will be contacted to discuss the options.

*CVO engines, as well as vintage big twins not covered by this program, can be rebuilt on a custom basis.  Just contact the S&S® Service & Speed Center®  for a personalized quote. 608-627-0763

S&S Basic Engine Rebuild Packages For Stock Harley-Davidson® Big Twins

Engine TypePart NumberMSRP
2001-2014 Twin Cam 88B™ 96B™, and 103B™600-0003$3,995.00
1999-2014 Twin Cam 88®, 96™, and 103™600-0002$3,695.00
1984-1999 Evolution® Big Twin600-0001$3,495.00


  • If any part that is normally reusable or is normally refurbished is not serviceable, the dealer will be contacted. These parts can be replaced with S&S or Viola V-Twin parts, but there will be an additional charge since they are not included in the basic package.

Performance Upgrades

If you want to get some more out of your engine while it’s out of your bike, S&S offers a wide variety of performance upgrades. This is a great time to upgrade with minimal additional cost. Just look at the S&S catalog or visit the S&S website at www.sscycle.com to see what we have available for your engine. We can install anything you see in the catalog, but here are some suggested upgrade packages. Other upgrades will be installed and charged according to time and materials.

    Performance Upgrade Options For 1999-2014 Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 88®, 88B®, 96,96B, 103 and 103B Big Twin Engines

    OptionPart NumberMSRP
    Performance Cam Upgrade600-0010$50.00
    Easy Start Cams600-0011$100.00
    Gear Drive Cams600-0012$400.00
    98”or 107”Big Bore Kit600-0013$600.00
    CNC Ported Heads600-0014$650.00
    124" Hot Set Up Kit®600-0015$3,400.00

    Performance Upgrade Options For 1984-1999 Harley-Davidson® Evolution® Big Twin Engines

    OptionPart NumberMSRP
    Bolt-in Performance Cams600-0004$50.00
    Oil Pump600-0005$328.00
    Performance Heads600-0006$700.00
    S&S  Flywheels600-0007$900.00
    89”Stroker Kit600-0008$1,400.00
    96”Hot Set Up Kit®600-0009$2,800.00

    How The S&S Engine Rebuild Program Works

    The S&S Engine Rebuild Program is available only through participating dealers, and is not available directly to retail customers.

    1. Your dealer will place an order for the desired rebuild package
    2. S&S will send detailed instructions along with a call tag/pick up order.  The call tag allows the dealer to take advantage of S&S’ contracted lower shipping rates. 
    3. As an option S&S can send a shipping crate to ensure that the engine is properly packaged to avoid damage in shipping. Note: S&S is not responsible for shipping damage. We recommend that engines  be insured and packaged properly.
    4. When the engine is received by S&S, it will be disassembled and the parts will be cleaned and inspected. Note: If any part that is normally reusable or is normally refurbished is not serviceable, the dealer will be contacted. These parts can be replaced with S&S or Viola V-Twin parts, but there will be an additional charge since they are not included in the basic package.
    5. Any extra parts or performance products will be added to the order as separate line items. If a Performance Upgrade is chosen over the Basic Rebuild, the difference in price will reflect the difference in product and related labor costs. For example, if an S&S Hot Set Up Kit® is chosen, you won't be charged for rebuilding your stock heads, since they will be replaced with S&S Super Stock® heads. A pretty sweet deal!


    All work for Basic Packages and Performance Upgrades will be done by the technicians at the S&S Service and Speed Center in LaCrosse, WI using S&S Proven Performance® parts.

    Sending An Engine For Rebuild

    Dealers! When sending and engine to S&S for rebuilding, please remove the fuel system, ignition system, charging system, and any engine sensors or electronics. Package the engine securely to prevent damage in shipping. We suggest that an S&S engine carton be used.


    • There is no longer free shipping for this program.
    • At this time S&S does not offer any cosmetic or finishing options. The S&S engine rebuilding program is for functional repair only.
    • Engines receiving the full basic rebuild package have stock performance and are emissions legal.
    • Engines rebuilt with S&S performance products, or performance products installed in the engine when received, are intended only for closed course competition use and are not legal for vehicles used on the street.