Gain Up to hp Over Stock!*

Once you've let your engine breathe with a high flowing S&S intake and exhaust system in Step 1, it's time to take the next step. Step 2 of the S&S 4-Step Performance Program is to replace your stock camshaft with an S&S bolt-in performance cam.

S&S bolt-in cams make it easy to get some serious gains in horsepower and torque. S&S offers a complete line of bolt-in cams for most models and applications. Choose from stock chain drive style, or upgrade to S&S gear drive cams for the ultimate in valve train control.

We highly recommend S&S Easy Start cams, which feature centrifugally operated compression releases that are not only convenient, automatic, and foolproof, but reduce wear and tear on your battery and starter. No more dead battery. Get something started!

Upgrading your cams requires pushrod removal. S&S recommends installing S&S Quickee pushrods. They are fully adjustable, and allow for quick removal for other future upgrades or tappet replacement – they pay for themselves by saving time on labor.

*Horsepower gains require components in previous steps.

Keep your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle real deal with American made S&S intake and exhaust!

1999-2004 engines with stock valve springs can accept cams of up to .510" lift, while 2005 and later engines can accept cams of up to .585" lift. The earlier engines can be upgraded with S&S high lift valve springs to run higher lift cams. Step 2 requires carburetor or EFI recalibration. For 2001 and later Harley-Davidson® models with single bore Delphi EFI systems, S&S recommends the Dynojet® Power Vision® tuner. See page 20 for details.


Bolt-In More Power!

We offer two types of bolt-in cams, one for torque and one for horsepower for 1999-'06 Twin Cam 88® engines, and two for 2007-'13 Twin Cam 96™ and 103™ engines. Cams are carefully selected and performance-optimized for engine displacement and compatibility with stock valve springs. Choose from cams for stock chain drive or the bulletproof S&S gear drive cams.

509 Torque Cam A bolt-in low-end cam for 1999-'06 big twins with stock heads and moderate compression ratio. Perfect for baggers. Delivers great low and midrange torque from Idle-4500 rpm.

510 Horsepower Cam A bolt-in performance cam for lighter bikes. 1999-'06 Twin Cam 88® engines with stock heads. Pulls strong from 3000-5500 rpm. Also works great with 97" big bore kits in Step 3.

551 Torque Cam A bolt-in cam optimized for a heavier 2007-'13 touring bikes with 96" to 106" engines, slip-on mufflers, and stock or ported heads. Excellent torque from idle to 4000 rpm.

585 Horsepower Cam Optimized for lighter 2007-'13 Softail® or Dyna® models with 96" to 106" engines, slip-on mufflers, high flow air filter, and stock or ported heads. Great power from 3000-6000 rpm.


Saves Installation Time and Cost

S&S® Quickee Adjustable Pushrod Kit
These can be installed without removing rocker or tappet covers. The difference in installation labor could make up for the extra cost. Adjustable for future upgrades and tappet replacement. Made of super strong chromoly steel for minimum pushrod flex and more accurate valve timing. Kit includes everything needed for a quick install!


Always Install New Tappets with New Cams

S&S® Precision Tappets
Precision machined and 100% tested to ensure a precision fit. Equipped with a low mass, bearing grade silicon nitride check ball and optimized check ball spring for fast, reliable pump up, low noise operation, and higher rpm capability.

1999-2017 big twins, 20179-19 M8, and 2000-2019 XL models
Set of 4 tappets        330-0718