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can anyone help with a valve cover wrench?

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Post Wed Dec 01, 1999 7:22 am

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Linz what covers do you have ? The ones that
screw together or the ones with a clip ?


Post Wed Dec 01, 1999 4:19 pm

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Went to an antique furniture sale/swapmeet this last weekend and ran across some small I quess what use to be called ford adjustable wrenchs.
they are like a cresent wrench except they open on the side instead of the end.
They look like a pipe wrench but without teeth. so ya might try old ford restoration shops the ones i saw ranged from about 4 inchs long up to 12.
The four inch ones opened up to 1 1/2"
so something like this might work for ya if you happen to have ford restorers around.

Post Mon Dec 06, 1999 12:48 pm

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Go to for orginal valve cover wrenches (in the valve section of the '41-'52 750cc online catalog). Priced at DFL 17.50 (~ US$ 9.00). My WLA did have a wobbly feel to it also, but since I changes the rear tire from a thin sidewall Swallow to a heavy Barum it is very stable.
Piet Jan

Post Mon Dec 06, 1999 9:16 pm

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Hey, PietJan - I tried and it looks like some accounting you have the right URL for that site? It sounds like it might be a good source for flattie parts (maybe I can get that 45 done someday!).
Thanks -

Post Tue Dec 07, 1999 1:32 am

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Danny the adress is www.jwboon there in eurap
some where they do have alot of new old stock
parts but are very proud of there prices.

Post Tue Dec 07, 1999 6:30 pm

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Ooops. The URL is !! Good source for original parts anyway. A bit on the expensive side for dutch clients, but the best for NOS

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