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58 pinion, timed oiling conversion

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58 pinion, timed oiling conversion

S&S say`s if I convert my 58 pan pinion oiling from side hole , once a revolution , to , end feed full time oiling , I have to up grade to a 1973 style oil pump. If anyone has any knowledge or experience with this I would really appreciate to help.


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Re: 58 pinion, timed oiling conversion

imho it would be wise to up grade to any alominium pump and run the faster 73 drive gears. be careful 68-72 pump would be fine for your engine but a 73 and later will not feed oil to a 58 engine at low rpm without drilling new oil feed holes in your block (a common practice) i am a firm believer in upgrading to constant feed to a three hole crank pin, others may have different ideas.


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Re: 58 pinion, timed oiling conversion

Just a note of personal experience, I upgraded my 65 pan, and the 62 before that to full flow pinion feed, 3 hole crankpin back in the day, and didn't have any problems. My 65 has over 70k miles and all looked fine when I split the cases last year to fix an oil leak. Not to disagree with X-WLCH, as we all know, I'm a firm believer in "more oil" :D But back in the day, you didn't find shovel oil pumps dirt cheap laying around all over at the swap meets.

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