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Post Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:46 pm

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hello all!
i'm going to take my Servicar Stroker over to Pertronics this weekend. i'm hoping to find a way to convert it away from the stock points.

they have no listings for motorcycles. they do have listings for multitudes of distributors. how do i identify the distibutor in my '73 Servi?


Post Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:40 pm

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Vintage Indians have distributors but HD's do not. It is simply a timer. If pertronics does not make a unit for a 45 degree v twin which i'm almost certain they do not there are easier alternatives.
I'm not saying it cannot be done because most everything can be accomplished with enough money, patience and determination, but i don't think you'll find much discussion about this topic as there are proven systems that have been designed and used successfully to do this job without any modifications meaning that if it fails it can be readily replaced with the antiquarian contact set and be on your merry way again.
I do understand that some people like to do it their own way.
Personally I've never had an issue with points since getting my 65 with a bad condensor and a distributor shaft that had considerable runout (throws off rear timing) over 30 years ago.
I think the most popular is "ebeyond 2000".

Post Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:15 pm

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i've seen the Ebeyond but don't know anybody that has dealt with that company. i've been running the points since 1990 when i got my trike. up untill a couple years ago i was completely happy with that set up. lately, the points seem to keep moving on me and i can't seem to find out why. i'm hoping to stumble onto something at Pertronics that they don't know will fit in my "timer". and hopefully cheaper than Ebeyond. i think the only tricky part will be how to trigger it with no actual rotor to work with. :?

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