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easier to start 45?

Post Mon Jul 08, 2002 5:22 am

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Hey Birdie!

Battery igniton oughta be easier to start since you don't have to get the engine spinning in order to generate a spark. You can always learn the leftfooted dance.

Since your already 12V you only need a 12V coil with your old timer (if you still have it).

Electric start? That's another department for someone else to answer.


Post Mon Jul 08, 2002 9:35 pm

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An electric starter top will fit on top trans, however if you use your kicker trans you will need to drill and tap larger holes on top trans case and fit dowel pin to match elec starter top. Battery will have to be moved and you need a bigger one. 1966 and up are best starter system, however higher priced and harder to find. 1964-65 set up will work. You will also need to change clutch basket to 1964 and up basket with starter ring gear and move battery.

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