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nut lock on crank pin, pinion ,sprocket shaft

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hi, im a newbie here.
I would like to hear your opinions on those nut lock retainers on flywheels..
I think loctite with proper torque, on clean threads and surface would be sufficient..
but what you think? i have seen a tiny screw and retainer were tumbling in breather bore before,, but flywheels were tight..that made me not want to install those retainers..

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Bent Valve, I'm with you. I also have found retainers wadded up in breathers. I have come up with a compromise. I use the retainers on BTSV mainshafts, smaller nuts, less centrifugal force applied to retainers, and just locktite to crankpin nuts. However, these are T&O flywheels with the larger crankpin/nuts.
Your call,

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Use the locktite on the lock washer screws.

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I've been using blue locknut on the retainer screws for 40 years. I clean the threads in the flywheel first with carb gum cutter, blow dry, apply locknut, assemble and wipe up any excess. No failures yet.

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thanks guys,

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