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Finned aluminium cooling ring for brake drum

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Gentlemen, Happy New year to all.

I`ve read on the www there is supposedly someone making & selling a finned aluminum cooling ring to fit to the brake drum when ie using the dual cam brake setup offered. Those rings where offered as an option to later model Panheads and I see them on e-bay from time to time. They dont fit the earlier drums as later pan drums where one inch wider than the WL ones.

Any hints would be truly apprechiated.


I made this set for a recent 45" project. I machined them from solid 6061 aluminum and they press fit on the drums. I later textured them to look like they were sand cast.
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Antique Speed & Machine,
thanks for your reply regarding brake drum cooling fins for 45"`s. On my 45" bobber I made cooling fins from a solid billet and heated this to press fit to the drum, as yourself.
As I tend to be lazy my thought was buying one if it was available from some other source and the price was not to scary.
Whoever the maker is he posted anonymously on the Rigidhips blog, hence I couldnt figure out who he was.

Here is a pic of my "home made" cooling ring;
http://americanmotorcyclesnorway.blogsp ... brake.html

Keep up your nice magneto work!!


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Pat Taylor who lives in West Hills, CA, made a batch of them a couple years ago. He sold them already installed on new brake drums. Cost was around $450.00 as I recall.

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