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Are the S&S Big Twin Cylinders REally HEre??

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Just saw the inside front cover full page ad in the Antique Motorcycle for S&S cylinders! Does that mean they are really out on the street, and if so, what's the pricing?
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I know what you know Bro. I also saw that in the AMCA mag. Nothing on the main S&S website yet though, that I could find. Must be coming real soon though.

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The Knuckle Shuffle group is supposed to have a special tour of S&S lined up for tomorrow. I'm not going to stay over tonight, but somebody on the board will have the info. I was pleased to see the cylinders advertised in the magazine. A really important and difficult part of a flat motor to obtain.

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Apologize for not posting this sooner. Need to monitor this forum a little more often. Hard to believe I was the only one at Oley that saw this. Ran into two S&S reps at there. I think they were using the Way Back Wheels spot near the south end of the meet. They were handing out one page brochures featuring the new UL cylinders. At the bottom of the brochure they listed:
Set of 1937-'41 big twins (without pistons) estimated at around MSRP $1625.00 (910-0166)
Set of 1937-'48 big twins (with pistons) estimated at around MSRP $1995.00 (910-0169)

I'm assuming the 910 numbers are S&S part numbers.

Small edit but even S&S follows the forum pricing policy, Pa

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Just got off the phone with S&S. Still no UL cylinders and no release date. I counted the weeks from the March 8th notice. Incorrect release info in that notice. 4 to 6 weeks huh? 11 weeks and counting and still no release date can be given. I am inclined to try something else. I will gamble and sleeve my 11 finners with ductile Iron sleeves at 3.485" OD and 3.25" ID and run Indian 3 1/4" pistons at .010" over and a .125" sleeve wall thickness. That makes 71CID. The compression distance is very close for Chiefs and ULs (Approx. 1.750"). The wrist pins will need thicker rod bushings to match the smaller .750" Indian pins. I will do a .002" fit with polished surfaces. I already have a torque plate for final .003" honing. I am currently running these cylinders at .040" over 80CID. That is 3.476" in a cylinder that was 3.331" stock!!! I am just waiting for that grenade to go off when on the freeway. Been really lucky so far. If the sleeving works then I am back in action without long distance traveling worries. I run Amsoil 60 wt synthetic oil and Marvels in my gas. I have piston oilers installed too. Maybe that has kept the fuse from lighting. Glad I read about the torque plates from Cotten here back in 2003. I imagine that my cylinder walls are about .050" thick. DAMN!

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Why not just use the correct sleeves for stock 74" bore from LA Sleeve?

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