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Jim Casey...Awesome Knucklehead Story !

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Post Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:58 pm
Pa Site Admin

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Most of you know of Jim Casey. He had been quite a regular here until health issues arose. The link pasted below is about Jim's 1945 Knucklehead. Jim has owned the bike for more than 40 years. The story is a great read. I enjoyed it immensely !! Please check it out. Pa

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I saw this yesterday and didn't get to finish reading it, great article. I bought my '46 F as a basket case in 1988,and still own it,I would like to have had a pictorial history of my bike as well. BREWSKI


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brewski, shame you havent got any pictures of the aluminium barrels you had made either for the k model. would love to have seen those. regards jib
Dude, check out that jibhead, he's crazy. Hasn't been sober for 40 years

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