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TLS Conical vs 67-69 TLS

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Post Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:39 pm

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I'm sitting at the crossroads and would like some info. Probably our Bros across the pond know the answer in their sleep, but here goes.
I'm seriously thinking of updating the front brake on Frankie. the current 190mm BSA just isn't cutting it. Looks grand, but that's it. It's a poser. From all I've heard and know first hand, the TLS brake from 67-69 on BSA's and Triumphs is a good working unit. Likewise all I've heard about the later conical in stock condition is that it's bad. I've also heard the Conical can be fixed,the usual "fix" quoted is altering the actuating arms.
Here's my situation. I can fit the conical right to the current front end on Frankie. Made to go there, a bolt on. But, I don't have one. I have a damaged but reclaimable earlier TLS front hub. Using it would, of course, require money and adaptation to work. (drum has broken spoke mounting flange and would need to be replaced).
Any opinions on what's the best option? Of course, if anyone wants to donate an Eddy Dow TLS adaption to my 190mm drum and save me loads of trouble, by all means send it off :lol: :lol:
I don't want to go disk. It defeats the purpose of building a sixties cafe bike. And, my memory of the 67 TLS on a Daytona was it was a very impressive brake, so I kinda lean that way. But it'll probably take more work than the Conical, and we all feel the same way about work.
All opinions welcome. Doesn't mean I'll listen, but hey, there's a lot of that around here, right? We're used to it :D

Post Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:12 pm

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From my experience, i don't know what all the fuss is about the conical brake. I've never had any complaints. If they're set up like they're supposed to be they work brilliantly.There's plenty advice how to set them up without even extending the arms. Just google!

Post Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:10 pm

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A well set up (or modified) conical will work well and is substantially lighter than a TLS. It also looks cool drilled to mimic a Manx drum. The MUTZ NUTZ arms from England are the best mod. A single sided BSA drum will generally work better than a 190 if set up well.

Post Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:23 am

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thanks for the info guys. There's a swap meet in Syracuse this weekend, I'll keep an eye out for the conical. I've heard that in the past about the 190 Rubone, but when I came across it at a swap meet for peanuts, I couldn't help myself.

Post Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:56 pm

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The single-sided drum you get in A10s etc works at least as well as the 190mm in my experience

the full-width drum with the 2LS brake is as good as the conical hub, but I'm not keen on the appearance.

One thing which isn't always realised is that there are two versions of the conical hub, the one fitted to the 250cc models is smaller and less effective. Make sure you have the bigger one.Other than that it's a good brake with a rather fetching appearance
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Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

Post Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:30 pm

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Especially when they're sandblasted for a racy look.

Post Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:01 pm
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I liked the front brake hub on my 1971 BSA and it functioned pretty darn well. The air scoop on the backing plate looked cool on it as well. Pa

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