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Sixth Annual Competition Riders Reunion Dinner!

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Hello All.

It almost that time again....Sixth Annual Competition Riders Reunion Dinner!
This is your local chance to rub elbows with the few guys we have left who made motorcycling history!
Hear there story's see there collections of historical clothes and photos etc.
Hall a fame's and Daytona winners are normally there.

I have the flyer as Google word document with pictures if you'd like to print it out and leave a few at you local dealers ect. see link below.

This is great time. You don't have to have won the Daytona 200 to attend. If you rode bikes back in the day up to present your welcome. The pictures and storys are just great! There are some photos dating back to the 1920's.

Nate Sheldon, original owner of Sheldon's HD, used to come visit my freind Pete all the time and bring articles from new england events. He passes away several years ago at the age of about 90. He was the last surviving racer from the "pre-war" era in new england.
We are looking for riders that raced Alstead NH and Bryar Motorsport Park. Check out Very high quality hard cover books. We are activley looking for former riders / racers and suport crews

Thanks hope to see you all there! :P
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