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Removing 91 FLT frame neck bearing races

Post Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:55 pm

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I am rebuilding front end on my late model 91 Harley FLT. Need to remove neck bearing races. factory manual says to drive out from back of race with a drift. The bearing races set down in a recess and there is no area on back of bearing race for drift to catch. How do you get these things out. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Buster

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If you can't drive em out, weld a bead around in them, this will shrink 'em..

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Thanks Sleeper, I was hoping that would not be the answer. I don't have a welder and have the bike torn down to frame, motor, and trans (difficult to transport). I believe I will try grinding some grooves on interior of races with dremel and see if a drift will catch in the grooves. It is going to be difficult.

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If you have a small wizz wheel, cut a groove in each & try again to beat em out..

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