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S&S 88" Super Stock Rocker Box Gaskets???

Post Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:01 pm

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I have an EVO 88" S&S Super Stock (NOT a Twin Cam) and I'm having a heck of a time finding the proper rocker box gaskets. The bike is a 2001 Gilroy Indian Scout. Is this the only bike that used the 88" Evo?

I pulled one box off today and the bottom gasket set is James, stamped #JGI-16779-97-X. Web searched all the usual sites. Nada, nichts, nuttin'.

Obviously these gaskets came from somewhere, but I can't seem to find a source. The guys at the H-D shop get that glazed-over look when I start talking Evo 88...they know 80's but they told me H-D never used the 88 except in the twinkie version.

Does anyone out there have this engine? Got sources?

I'm also looking for the umbrella valves, although I figure these will be easier to find...probably generic H-D parts.

For photos of the gaskets you can link to: ... 0Evo%2088/

Thanks for any assistance!


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hi scootadoc , have you tried taking your gaskets into the Harley shop and comparing them ? only say this as although its a 88 not a 80 in my opinion the rocker box's would be the same, the difference being in the stroke or the bore. therefore not affecting the rockerbox arrangement.
regards jib
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Thanks for the tip...naturally, I bought the gasket set before I tore the rkr box off. Had this fantasy that I could get the job done in one shot. Ha!

Now that I have all the gaskets out, I'll be making a trip to the parts desk with something for comparison.

One guy in the service dept told me H-D never ran the evo88 in any of their bikes. But on the H-D forum, a poster talked about his evo88 in a 1990 Electra Glide Ultra. Checked that model and all the specs say it's an 80" Evo.

Gets more confusing by the day. I wonder if the Gilroy factory just put a bigger top end on an 80 inch bottom???

The rocker arms are indian for sure, with the logo and the (now totally useless) Gilroy part number. See pix at: ... 0Evo%2088/

Also, have the S&S 3-5/8" and 4.00" V series manual. My boxes are a lot different, and correspond with the photos and description in my Indian manual instead. Discovered this during disassembly when nothing looked like the boxes in the S&S manual. You can see the bolt pattern in the photos I posted...not like the S&S book shows.

Oh, well...I'm not bloody likely to give up. Not my nature. I'll hack my way to an answer if I have to. We'll see if the parts dept can get me a match. I'm still looking for a cross reference for those Gilroy part numbers. May have to make my own.

Thanks again.

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Why not simply order the gaskets from James Gaskets?

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Thanks for the link. I did a search for james gaskets and got a home page that was still under construction.

btw, placed an order with American Legends Motorcycles and got the cometic gasket kit. Wrong one. Plus the umbrella valves have the bad news bevel on the underside. (cometic part # 64027). Bummer.

I'll try your link, and thanks again.

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I talked to Ian (a very sharp fellow) at James Gaskets. He said that James has not manufactured a kit for the Evo 88 for years. He also said that the two-piece bottom gasket was abandoned in favor of a one-piece unit for ease of installation.

Meanwhile, back at the bench, I found that the bottom gasket from the Cometic kit fits, the middle and top (cover) gaskets do not. They have square corners on one side and the boxes I have are rounded on every corner.

Next will try S&S to see if they still stock the correct kit.

If you want to see what my setup looks like, here's the link: ... 0Evo%2088/

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New Rocker Boxes

After spending three+ weeks trying to find gasket kits for my 88” Evo, I gave up and replaced the rocker boxes with stock S&S units.

These new boxes are a big improvement over the original die-cast/chromed rocker boxes that came with the bike (2001 Indian Scout). They’re billet aluminum and polished, not chromed. I got them from J&P Cycle.

The S&S tech told me to make sure I got all the old Loc-Tite® out of the holes in the heads so that the torque settings would be correct. I used taps to chase the threads and then cleaned out the debris with swabs and solvent. The cotton swabs are good for picking up the little bits of aluminum tailings, esp at the bottom of the hole. I used my shopvac with a small nozzle to suck out any remaining crap.

The prep work took the most time, and installing the boxes with the engine in the frame was pretty straightforward. I did buy the special allen heads that S&S sells to do the job in-frame. I thought they were a tad pricey, but they made the job a lot easier. For the aft cylinder it’s still a tight squeeze, but a 5/8 crowfoot worked fine. Used the same crowfoot to torque all the screws so they’d be the same, and kept the head of the tool parallel with the body of the wrench so no calcs were necessary.

Re-adjusted the pushrods (new o-rings on the covers) and fired her up. Success!
Now for my favorite part…a road test.
Road test a success…only got out for an hour or so, but no leaks.
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For future reference, Gilroy era Indians used CCI three piece rocker covers. The only gasket sets that will work are those from CCI (Custom Chrome Industries). Check the casting # on inside top cover. Yes, Indian used these on all of
those 88 S&S motors.

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