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Respect & Courtesy

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Post Sun Jun 16, 2002 4:04 pm

Last week I was pushing a stalled Chief towards the crest of a hill where I could glide back down to my shop, and a youngster pulled his car over to help me push.

I figured this was gonna save me some aching muscles,...NOT!

The kid was a strapping lad with the usual shaved head and tats. He couldn't stop talking about his broke-down bike experience, but I think he just wanted to be seen with the Chief, as he just walked along with his hands on the bars. I did ALL of the grunt!

I didn't ask, but I KNOW it was a sportster he had at home.


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Post Sun Jun 16, 2002 6:34 pm

Cotten, it was a sporty with a vacuum leak!...jb


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Post Mon Jun 17, 2002 2:04 am

The vaccuum leak was what was helping propel the bike forward, you could tell by all the hot air expelling, creating more of a drag.


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Post Mon Jun 17, 2002 8:17 pm

Age,low cunning and experiance beats youth
and enthusiasm any day of the week,mind
you we woz young once!


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Post Mon Jun 17, 2002 9:32 pm

Yes, I was young once and dumber than most....and all the old guys made fun of me...made me want to learn so I wouldn't get laughed at....my turn..jb


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Post Tue Jun 18, 2002 1:37 am

Hey All, maybe this should be new topic, but we talkin RESPECT & COURTESY, was up Laconia Thurs, for POW-MIA Ride, Gilford to Meredith for those who dont know, we go right by the Weirs, bear in mind this is 10th annual, great turn out, my cuz and his club organize and run the parade, ultimate in disrespect, both overseas,and HD riders cutting in out, along the route, couldnt wait,talking close to wrecking people, I was in middle!!! The real Bikers I saw were holding back , watching, saluting or were in the parade. The good thing was to just meet and shake the hands of these vets. Nothing excuses that kind of disrespect. they were all worried about trouble with bikers there, order the army guards, well they should have had them cracking any and all those maggots heads cutting up the parade. Me, I couldnt have been more proud to ride with these people for such an important cause.


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Post Wed Jun 19, 2002 3:27 am

It doesn't matter what you ride...a young rider at work was ashamed of his $500 '78 Honda. I told him I had a 73 Honda CB750 once and I missed it because I knew that if I was on a long trip with that piece o' crap and the mill blew, I would just take the plates off of it, and roll it into the ditch...take Greyhound home! Can't do that with the flatty of the ol lady's shovel... you have to go through all of the trouble to get those pricey toys home, whether that means waiting on parts, or worse... a truck with tiedowns.


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Post Wed Jun 19, 2002 4:29 am

They did have the freedom of being as disposable as a BIC lighter. In twenty years that's what these boards are going to be all about...I'm hunting 150 Honda parts now! I figure my grandson should have to start through some of the same muck I did. He'll have to go through the honda to get to the `59 Hummer....jb

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