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Knuckle Frame & Fork Black Paint Finish?

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Post Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:57 am

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I'm restoring a '46 EL, and am back and forth on the finish on the black paint for the frame and forks. I was going to go quite glossy, but it stikes me that the factory finish was not really all that glossy. Shiny, yes, but not so shiny that you can actually see yourself, is what I believe I want. I'm not looking to start major discussions about various paint manufacturers (my painter uses DuPont products) and I'm not looking to discuss which black is best (I know there are varying opinions on which to use) , but I would like some input on how to get the surface finish 'flattened' a little, if anyone can help out on that. Also - is there any difference in the finish on inner and outer chain housings and oil tank? Or same as frame? This bike may or may not enter AMCA judging when finished. Thanks for any and all input ... -hog

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The automotive paint supplier of your choice should be able to provide a flattener for the finish coat selected. The key will be how much to add for the effect you're looking for.
Will require some experimentation on the part of your painter.
I plan on doing the same.

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