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My opinion of hotrod4750

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Post Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:52 pm

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I was warned against hotrod4750 but I took a chance.
hotrod4750 is a very plausible guy, and he had exactly what I wanted.

hotrod4750 advertised the mag as
Purchased from Bama Bikes on ebay about a year ago...the XLCH project I was working on at the time was traded...kept this nice complete and close to original authentic Harley-Davidson magneto built in the USA by Fairbanks and Morse. Serial # 5267058 MFD/FOR # 29501-62 The shaft turns free...Bama sold it to me as a working mag and they are good people. Shipping within the USA is approx. $15.00 and approx. $45.00 export. Insurance is about $10.00 your cost. I paid $495 a year ago plus shipping.

Well, if it was a ‘nice complete and close to original authentic Harley-Davidson magneto’, Fairbanks Morse sure had some crappy repop parts in their store.
And some caky handed "mechanics" working for them.

I could only just turn the shaft; the lock was missing it innards; the insulator was not there; there were damaged threads, incorrect screws, the cap was cracked in three places; the points weren’t adjustable, etc

Well serves me right for not listening to the warnings.

What struck me very odd at first was that he had bunged the purchase price up beyond the agreed so that I had to give the Revenuers more of my hard earned to get it out of bond.

I could not understand that at first.
Why tell teh Revenuers it was worth more than the agreed price?

Then I realised, he knew I was going to moan.
By bunging up the value he had me over a barrel when he offered my money back as soon as I complained to Ebay/Paypal.

There was no way I could get the money back from the Revenuers if I returned the mag.
I had to cut my losses, and sort the mag.

It’s now a very expensive, just about working mag, but I would need to flash lots of cash to get it to near original.

Clever swindle?

By the way, the guy claims he is a Brit living in the States.
I know him as Jeffray Fargher of Ojai.
He claims his from the Isle of Man.

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