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Indonesian request

Post Sat Jun 01, 2002 8:05 pm

Got this e-mail (name is andre):
"I'm customer from Indonesia.I'm very interesting with your Mikuni (Harley Davidson)and I have plan to buy it.
Are you store or personal?Can you help me to get Mikuni and S&S Carbs?maybe you can sale it with lower price.
I want to buy Mikuni 42mm(complete with the manipol and the other accessoris) 5 unit and S&S Carbs 42mm (Complete).
Please give me information about the price.
I need information some policy:
-Do you accept International order?
-What your shipping method?
-I want to use my Mastercard for the payment, do you accept it?

If you have new information about it please reply me ASAP."

Told him pre-pay in advance. Any thoughts?

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Post Sat Jun 01, 2002 11:02 pm

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I got a very similar ( almost identical) message in response to an Ebay listing that was totally unrelated to MC parts. I believe this person is getting names/addresses off Ebay. Person was eager to buy my item ($3000), but although I clearly listed in the ad no credit cards, he inquired about international shipping using his credit card to "save time". His letter was so obviously bogus---especially after having read the postings here. I told him I would be happy to ship if pre-paid by money order/bank check and of course never heard from again---I will say one thing though...since that time I've been getting lots of attempts to send me viruses. This is either one person or some organized "gang" over there.

Post Sun Jun 02, 2002 1:01 pm

Kurt: you've got mail.

Post Sun Jun 02, 2002 11:38 pm

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Panic !,,,We do some exporting in our field of buisness. #1,, get his credit card number and run it through,make sure it is american funds,If it goes through,, your ok! #2,, you can go to the bank and do an international wire transfer, they should provide you with bank cert.documents, when you receive payment,then you can ship the goods,this could be a good time to clean off your shelfs,,,good luck,Yankee,,,,LIVE FREE OR DIE !

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