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Speedster Handlebars

Post Wed May 27, 2009 10:04 pm
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Question on speedster handlebars...I've seen two types, one has the twist grip on the left for the advance and the other one does not. The left bar has the horn button holes on top and the bright/dem switch holes on the bottom above the grip. My question is this, should the right handlebar have any holes at all above the grip. The pictures I've had access to don't have a close up of that side of the handlebar but, it appears to me that the only thing that mounts there is the front brake bracket requiring no holes. I was looking to purchase a correct set of speedster handlebars, but I noticed four holes under the handlebar just above the throttle grip. Three small ones and one that is larger. The larger holes looks like the slant type hole that's on the other side for the clutch cable. Before spend money on them, I wanted to make sure they were indeed true speedster handlebars. Hope someone understands my rambling discription. thanks for any help...

Post Wed May 27, 2009 10:27 pm

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All k- model speedster bars have a left side advance control grip. All k model speedster bars have holes for the horn button and wires and for the dimmer switch and wires as well as a hole for the control cable set screw. Right side bars have a hole for set screw only. (Bottom of bar) That is all that was ever stock. Now, big twin speedster bars have exactly the same bend but are slightly wider. The difference is in the length from the handlebar clamp to the first bend. Big twin speedster bars often have holes on the right bar for accessory switches or police options. The slant type hole you mention is for the wire harness and has nothing to do with cables. Bars without an advance unit are for later bikes with automatic advance and no need for the control. Basically post '65. The holes you mention on the bars you found (two small for switch holes and large slanted for wire cable) are for a lighting type switch (spotlights or turn signals) and the third small hole is the set screw hole. Be aware that speedster bars were available for ALL models in the range, not just Ks. Look at factory photos for switch placement. You are correct in that nothing belongs on the right bar except the front brake lever bracket. Accessory K spotlights used a clamp on switch, no holes.

Post Wed May 27, 2009 10:36 pm
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Thanks Robbie, that helps...

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