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WR valve spring covers

Post Wed May 13, 2009 8:06 pm

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In building my 45 with a K Model top end I needed some wr valve spring covers and ordered some from ''45 Depot''.The WR valve covers were basically crap,the interference fit was so tight I could't even get three of them to come apart out of the plastic sack ,there is no way they would have been useable on anyones motor.I sent them back with a note explaining the condition and the cost was refunded.However,in the event I run across a part that is pure crap I feel ethically compelled to inform this board of anyone pushing bad parts.This is not a personal vendetta against Kurt at ' 45 Depot'',I wish him all the best,I have bought other parts from him in the past and the were top notch,and I plan on buying parts from him in the future,and would highly recommend him to anyone in the future,again with the exception of those crappy wr valve covers .Subsquently I contacted ''Enfield Racing'' run by Bruce Argetsinger and purchased his offset WR tappet guides for the K Model conversion,peek intake seals and WR valve covers that are actually useable.When you buy a part from ''Enfield Racing'' there is no salesman,no middleman,your not told the parts are made in some unknown part of Europe or Twian by some unknown entity that no one can reach,these parts are made by Bruce himself right here in America whom you can contact when needed ,real racing components,that are going to work when you need them.True craftsmanship.Compare these parts yourself and you be the judge.

Post Thu May 14, 2009 7:35 am

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eerrmmmmmmmmm ... ok then. :shock: I'm glad you didn't feel the need to actually attack Kurt, we would have been here all day....

seriously, though, don't you think it would have been quite enough to say something like, "I bought some WR valve covers from 45 Depot, and I wasn't satisfied; I returned them, and had my money refunded. I've dealt with them before and I am usually happy with what was supplied, but not on this occasion. Then I bought some from Enfield racing, and they were much better. They were a new design using modern materials, and the price was half as much/twice as much/about the same ( delete as applicable ) I also feel that it's preferable to support a small American manufacturer for articles of this nature"

I think that covers everything?
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

Post Thu May 14, 2009 9:46 am

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Thanks Thomas......I appreciate that.

Funny, I sent the ones you returned to a builder/customer of mine and he said they fit like a glove. Several people here on this forum have used them on WR motors and no one has said anything to me about fit or quality issues....and these covers were from the same batch. You do know that they are suppose to have a tight fit because they don't use a seal like standard covers???? Plus......I'm not sure here.....someone with more experience can chime in.......they were made for the WR......not a KR or KR/WL....K/Wl......or whatever.....conversion. I believe there's an angle difference between the KR cylinders on a WL bottom which would probably jack up the fit. At least that's what we found when we wanted to make the cams for the K model to fit in the WL bottom.

Sorry Thomas you weren't happy.....but as always.....I stand behind my products.


Post Thu May 14, 2009 2:34 pm

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It's called the difference between a hobby and a business. It's real easy to manufacture or stock a few key parts that you enjoy making or playing with. It's when you start trying to carry a full line that things get hard, since you can't make them all yourself, or even keep a close enough eye on them to guarantee quality. And then you always will have customers so desperate for a part that they would rather have a crappy one than none at all, so you got to decide, if you don't have time to find or make something better, do I carry the crappy one, or none at all. And then suppliers are always pulling fast ones too, so you can sell a part for years with no complaints, then suddenly have them all come back. I don't see why anyone is nuts enough to go into such a business, but I am grateful that some do, and don't ask anymore than they don't hose me, and quietly give me my money back when I am not happy.

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