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S&S Knuck motors News release

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Post Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:07 am

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LA CROSSE, WI (October 10, 2008) S&S® Cycle announces the first ever opportunity to pre-order the all new Flathead Power™ by S&S Cycle KN-Series engines. During calendar year 2008 there will be only 100 of these beautiful vintage engines produced—available in generator (PN 106-2161 MSRP $8575.00) and alternator/generator (PN 106-2560 MSRP $8750.00) styles—with serial numbers that identify them as the first 100 produced. Considered one of the most desirable engines ever, this is a great opportunity to lock one in for your next build.

Currently 40 KN-Series engines are already on order just from the sneak preview in Sturgis this year, leaving 60 more to be built. Expected shipping on these engines will start during the first week of December, so if you want to guarantee one for your next project, contact an S&S Customer Support Representative now. A non-refundable deposit of just $500 will lock in your place in history.

The Flathead Power by S&S KN-Series engine features the aesthetic looks of classic iron, but benefit from significant upgrades. For starters, displacement is 93 cubic inches, because you can’t go wrong with more power. One big improvement is the use of a 1958-’65 style flywheel assembly with a splined sprocket shaft and Timken sprocket shaft bearing. This change necessitates the use of a 1954-’65 tin primary cover and primary chain sprocket—but the increased flywheel stability, strength and power capacity are worth the stock departure.

Flathead Power rocker arm cover “tins” are another modern improvement. The lower covers are actually made of die-cast aluminum, and instead of being held in place by the valve guide, they are held down by valve spring pressure. A special gasket on the bottom of the lower “tin” provides a positive seal, and is much easier to service if needed, since the valve guides do not have to be pressed out in order to remove the lower covers. Also instead of the steel brazed-in hard oil return lines used on stock tins, S&S has improved the design of the oil line for better reliability and easier assembly and maintenance.

“We are very excited to finally be able to launch the Flathead Power 93ci KN-series engines. There has been over 14 months of refinement that went into getting them ready for this announcement,” said Charlie Hadayia, S&S Senior Sales Manager.

S&S dealers can place an order by calling their Customer Support Representative on their direct dial phone lines. For an S&S customer that would like to order a 93ci KN-Series engine, you can call (608) 627-1497 and a Customer Support Representative can take your order and place it with an S&S dealer for you.

Post Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:49 pm

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Curt, I've been away awhile,because my baby got sold and I no longer have a 45, but I got the roof on the house....
the knuck I was been bidding on is gone now...and I sold the new Superglide, but early this winter I got a great deal on a different motorcycle(that's right another Harley)...modern,but old style,and very servicable so I am more comfortable on's a 1997 FLSTF,with 18,000 on it...I'd like to eventually do a carb change, before winter really hit I rode it more than I put on the Super in the last three years...I'd like to get an S&S catalog so I can see what's avalable for's real sweet,but I don't like the air filter set up...and I'd like to put shotguns on it eventually...don't know much about EVO's,but it seems to be trouble free,it needs nothing,but I'd still like to tweak it...I'm going to get another old scoot sometime,but I really like this one and until I get another to build up I still have to hide from the old lady now and then,and she'd rather I was home in the shop...if you gotta nother one hangin around the shop I'd appreciate if you 'd send me one(catalog ,that is:) peace, Paul I think you got my address...I'll pay for your time and postage, we'll also be driving through Kansas on the way back from OK after Easter.....P

Post Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:07 pm

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Hey Nj
I've only got 1 copy of the 09 catalog, but I can send you an 08 if you want. I don't think there were any changes this year. I'm running a Super E on my Evo E-Glide. I ran it with straight pipes, a performance 2X2 exhaust, and I just went back to the stock exhaust system. I think it runs great no matter what exhaust I run once it's tuned in. Actually I've had S&S carbs on everything I've run except my 45. I've probably owned 6 all tolled. Unfortunately that has put me in the position of not knowing much about any other carbs out there. I do know it needs the teardrop air cleaner to work properly. I get a solid 45 mpg on the hiway with my setup.
They kind of pissed me off a couple weeks ago. I ordered a S&S Super E in for a Sportster and put it on. There is a bracket to use the CV cables with a Super E. They used to include both brackets in the carb kit, now they only include the short one. I called tech support and they gave me some story about a clearance issue that didn't apply to this bike. Used to be that they would send the bracket out at no charge. Not only would he not do that, but he said I'd have to meet the 50.00 deductible to order one. It retails for 6.95. The carb kit cost my customer 500.00, you'd think they'd spring for a 3.00 bracket. This paragraph isn't to discourage you. I's basically a message to the S&S guys that monitor this forum to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS.
I'll send a 08 catalog your way ASAP. If you don't get a confirmation from me in a couple days remind me. I've been pretty burned out lately.

Post Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:54 pm

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I put an S&S Evo catalog in the mail to you this afternoon. You should have it in a few days.

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