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KHR Flywheels

Post Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:20 pm

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Just took apart a WR bottom end that had the rods locked up and was sitting for years. No top end at all. Inside I found a set of flywheels marked #23932-54. It has WR rods, WR crankpin and WR shafts. The stroke is 4 9/16". I suspect that these are KHR flywheels, tho I have no personal experience with that rare beast. Can anyone confirm this, or give me more info. Thanks.

Post Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:20 pm

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I think these are maybe just KH/KHK flywheels with the -54 number, although from memory I can't comment on what may or may not have needed to be done to fit the WR parts.

This is what the KHR flywheels look like:


Post Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:41 pm

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I agree with Simon ... Just checked a set of KH wheels under my bench. Casting # 23932-54


Post Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:34 am

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I have been told in the past, but never investigated it, that the R type tapers are not at the same angle than the street tapers, both on shafts and crankpin.


Post Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:25 am

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Thanks everyone for the info. I haven't touched a KH bottom end in years. I had it in my head that the shaft tapers were larger than the 45 tapers, that's what had me questioning what exactly these things were.
Now that I'm the proud owner of these beauties I think I'll use them as the heart of something cool.

Post Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:43 am

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WR crankpin tapers are smaller then the KH taper. So do you have WR rods and pin or K rods and pin in the assemby Beachdog??

Post Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:51 pm

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These flywheels have WR crankpin with matching tapers and were running standard WR rods. The sprocket and pinion shafts are standard WR parts with the correct tapers also. All the expected standard WR spacers and bearings are where they should be in the cases and on the crank.

Post Wed Jan 21, 2009 4:11 pm

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You guys got me thinking, so I pulled out the HD Competition Parts books. Don't know about the odd part # on these but they appear to be one year only 1954 KHRTT which used the small crank pin [1 1/4"] , the 1955-up KHRTT used the larger crank pin [1 1/2"]. At least that's the only thing I can find that has all the same taper sizes and the 4 9/16" stroke. Thanks for all the input.

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