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"Replica" Police

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Post Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:10 am

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This topic will rate parts that are labeled as "Replica". The word "Replica" has the same responsibility as calling fruits and vegetables "organic". Parts that are advertised as "Replica" had better past the test or they'll get plastered up here on the "Wall".
First example is the 1936-64 "replica", parkerized, battery plate sold by V-Twin. This is an example of the "replica standard", from which all parts will be judged. Manufacturers beware. God help you, if you sell us crap. It's a new day. Wake up :!:
VT (42-0877) Battery base plate. True replica.
We beg of you to post any parts that are advertised as "replica" that do not meet "replica" standards. And don't forget to ask Santa for a $150.00 digital camera. I'd recommend Nikon CoolPix w/close-up zoom. Use a tripod, auto-timer and reflected light. No flash.
the battery would sit up on the sides, just contacting the edge of the battery because the rectangle was too small

I'll set an H-2 in there and check it out. You're right....Form shall not disguise Function and Fit. 8) Not at this table.
Note: The three requirements are listed in order of importance, as was told to me by a friend of Wino WIllie Forkner.
Yep, the H-2 battery fits like OE.
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Post Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:39 pm

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Looks good. The plates I used to get from V-Twin were not stamped correctly, the side of the depression for the battery were angled, the battery would sit up on the sides, just contacting the edge of the battery because the rectangle was too small.

Post Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:51 pm

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HEADS UP :!: Here's a bad part to look out for: The USA Made, V-Twin sold, part number (30-0203). The hub that connects the front header should be deep, like the one on the right. If you get a shallow one like on the left, send it back, ask them to do a bin-search for one with a deep hub. The hub on the back (connecting to the "Y" pipe is not as deep as the one for the front header).

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