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I desperately need a quick fix. Can you help please?

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It's funny. I would not have understood what this thread was about, as my 45 never ever sumped. That is, until I installed skirt oilers. Since then I did this, and it sumps no more (I'll have to admit, I fear forgetting to turn it on):

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OK I just finished another a very small run of ball seat burnishers due to popular demand. These fit Knucklehead, Panhead, Flathead oil pumps, probably those NEW Shovelhead models as well. Half are spoken for already, DeltaMike gets the first one. The long end fits the Flathead deep pocket seat with 15/32 - 24 cap threads(try that one at home!). The shorter end has 1/2-20 threads for all the rest. Thanks to all who requested this tool by email, they are ready.
Steve †

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I treated my machine to one of Resurrection Motorcycles beautiful burnishing babes.
Thanks Steve, nice bit of kit.
And a new set of balls and springs.

When I came to do the job, I was a bit concerned about broadening the width of the seat by tightening up to much.
I noticed that I could turn the tool about a 10th of a turn further each time I tightened it up.
Weak wristed.
Holding the spanner in the middle.

Bearing in mind 'Pa's' warning to keep the seats narrow.

Should I have another go?
Should I leave nearly well alone?

Here's wishing you a Very Merry Christmas, Mike.

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Unless the seat has been badly marred by beating or cutter chatter,
I just tighten the burnisher three times to ~15 ft/lbs, and that's it.

The burnisher itself will not noticeably widen the seat the way lapping or cutters will.


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Thank you for your rapid response and very welcome advice Cotten.
I'll give it another go.

Here's wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas Sir, Mike



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