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Searched for local members

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:54 am

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Location: Union, SC USA
I did a search for some members near me. I found a couple (2) within 35 miles or so, and about three more within sixty or so miles. In their profile the 'last visited' date was blank. I am here very often, but most of the time I am a ghost. I would like to meet some local people with the same interests.

I joined another board, and it had a map. On the map were locations throughout the world, marked with circles. If you clicked on a circle, a picture of the members bike was there. Also a little info on the member. I thought it was cool,

My reasoning, was that maybe these new members could see some locals, and encourage them to contact each other. Like myself there seems to be a shortage in my immediate area. Of all the members close to me, there are two (myself included) who have posted within the past six months.

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