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Ironhead Sportster,1000,74-85 , Dual Plug Heads, Machining

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:roll: I have a 1980, 1000, Ironhead, Sportster , that I'm tearing down. While it's apart, I would like to have the heads madified , for dual spark plug operations. However I have been unable to find a shop that does this kind of work, a lot of them say they CAN modify my heads, but none have ever done this work before. I need a reasonable rate shop , with experiance. If you know of some one please email me.
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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 6:12 pm

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Cut short pieces of pvc pipe to protect the intake flanges[yours are rubber band so not that critical,use the rubber bands] pack them really well so they dont knock each other in shipping,send them to Trett & Osborn.The job will be perfect and the price is about [no prices on forum], Pa .I even have a fiberglass shipping box for this.I have a Bridgeport and a lathe and it does not pay for me to not send them to T&O.Its in Wichita,KS. Put the plugs in the bare head when you get it back and check depth in head sometimes it takes an extra plug washer to keep last thread out of combustion chamber.I get the coils from Dyna.I dont know your ignition or if coil ohm rating is an issue but check with your ignition maker.On the Mallory it matters.The bike will idle nice and sound a bit different.

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Dr. Sportster, Thank you for the web site and valuable information. Great web site, owners were quick to reply, offered a great deal of advice. I will be sending them a set of heads, for the dual plug modification.I mentioned your name as a reference.
Got a very nice email from your better half, she was a much needed source of Ironhead information, please thank her , for me.
Thank you,
Trumpman :lol: :shock:

Post Sun Dec 17, 2006 2:08 pm

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Hi Trumpman,Treutt and Osborn is a great place and although Ive never been there Ive been helped many times.I still have a hand written letter from Bonnie Truett from the 1970s when I was trying to build my first stroker.I was even using the competitors flywheels and Bonnie still helped me.Axtell broke one of my heads once sending them back to me.The O ring lip on the intake cracked and thats why I really stressed good packing for shipping cylinder headsIm glad my wife was helpful too. Maybe someday these Ironheads will be appreciated like the flatheads have become.Good luck with your heads.[Me misspelling Truett didnt help matters.]

Post Sun Jan 14, 2007 3:30 pm

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Dual plug heads were used on the EVO XL SPORT (1200) for just a couple of years,if the extra plug holes are NOT located properly the effort is meaningless. I've seen quite a few sets of dual plug XL heads that were botched up,totally worthless. BREWSKI

Post Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:54 pm

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Trumpman, I can do it for you I have done many.

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