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Doc Patt has pssed away.

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Post Tue Sep 05, 2006 4:16 pm

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Just read this sad news over on the Iron Tech board.I only met the man once at Harmony when his wife asked me to help him push his Sportster up the ramp into his van.She caught me on the way to the head and I said Id meet at the van.When I got there I checked out the Sportster that they said belonged to their son as a chopper.It was all restored maybe around a 1960.Anyway it turned out he had more bikes on display under the farm show canopy and it looked like they would never fit inside the van.I told Doc I would push up the plank but he had to arange them so as no scratching would occur,Two of the bikes were beautifuly restored board track racers obviously worth a fortune.I told his wife I cant beleive he is gonna fit em all in .Somehow he did it.He had an exact location for each scootThey thanked me and ofered to buy me a coffee or burger.I declined.Then we talked about his bikes for a bit.It was one of those half rainy Harmony meets.Him and his wife seemed like real nice people.Thats about all I know about Doc Patt other than he was an original founding member of AMCA and often mentioned in the magazine.Godspeed Doc.

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