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Post Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:49 am
Pa Site Admin

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Hello Folks,
As you all know, we have had numerous off topic posts over the past months. Many contain porn, drug related topics and advertisements. Our visitors and members range from well seasoned bike enthusiasts, all the way to young people just starting out. Continuous removal of these unwanted posts does not stop them from being viewed at all times. I have even removed porn posts from individuals who mocked FHP in their post. Their attitude was, go ahead and delete it !! I will just keep doing it ! Ha !! Ha !! Not only are they unwanted, but, to many, they are very offensive. These types of posts have absolutely nothing to do with the nature of this forum. I have received dozens of complaints regarding these posts. The administration and I have been trying to come up with something to address the members concerns. Present tooling does not prevent individuals from continuing to place these types of posts so a solution needs to be found. A very simple mandatory rule, which will take all members but a few minutes to implement, will be put into effect immediately. All members will need to provide a valid email address and other required information to update their profile. Current members will have four weeks to comply with the new requirements. Non compliance will be grounds for immediate membership removal. Any member that is removed for not providing the updated information will have to go thru a new process of, being either accepted or denied, membership by the administration beforehand. People that are applying for membership now are going thru this new screening process already.
We feel this action will not burden those who legitimately participate in the forum topics. We hope this action will be received with open arms by current and future members and that our current membership will breathe a sigh of relief, that a solution, a very simple solution, will hopefully bring an abrupt end to intrusive posts of porn and the like to this forum. We don’t know if we can stop it all, but we will do our best.
Please take a moment to login and update your profile with a valid email address and the other required information. Get it out of the way least you forget before the deadline.
Sincere regards, Pa

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