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Electric leg

Post Wed Oct 25, 2000 5:37 pm

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Does anyone know of an electric start set-up for a 47 chief. Help someone ride longer.


Post Sun Oct 29, 2000 5:43 am

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I don't think that anyone is offering one right now. I belive that Stark is suposed to be developing one.
The only one that I've ever seen was in the early 70's and looked like shit but worked well. He had mounted a old ford starter motor(the type with the long shaft sticking out the end) where the battery went with the shaft sticking out over the kick starter gear. The starter shaft had a industral one way clutch wich drove a chain that drove a sprocket that was bolted to the kick starter gear.A car battery was mounted on the other side. Like I said it looked like shit all cobbled and wired but started right up and drove off. Maybe now that starters have gotten so much smaller a similar setup could be designed that wouldn't force the battery to hang on the side of the motorcycle.

Post Sun Oct 29, 2000 2:33 pm

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maybe a starter generator? might be one small enough to incorporate mounting where your chief genny is. have fun.

Post Sun Oct 29, 2000 4:04 pm

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I doubt that the chief generator drive will stand a starter. The belt drive pulley is driven by a single row no.35 chain sprocket that enguages one row of the 4 row no.35 primary and the shaft is pretty small. If the primary breaks its usually time for new primary cases and 1 engine case.
If this is going to work I think that the original starter shaft or gear is the place to drive it. The big problem is that most modern starters rotate in the wrong direction and even though the motor can be reversed fairly easily the gear train and drive end can't. I don' have a Chief but the Briggs and Stratton starter would fit on my Sport Scouts with a different starter gear but I cant find a starter drive that will work in reverse rotation. Sone of the gear reduction jap car starters would be short enough but have the same problem.

Post Mon Oct 30, 2000 1:09 am

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Dusty Dave, i see what you mean and agree with you. the briggs starter sounds like a good idea you me or somebody could machine a small housing to incorporate an idler gear to engae on the briggs starter bendix and on the chief starter spur gear. this would reverse the rotation. you would either have to cut the idler gear the smae tooth indexing as the briggs with a shaft long enough to key and set screw it to another spur gear to mactch the chief gear considering spacing and diameters or just make a mateing gear to replace the chief kicker gear. time consuming, yes. expensive depends on the person and cause. sounds like Electric leg would be the right person. by the way thanks for the info on the cushman pistons. why only cheif rods? is the wrist pin that close to the top? later.

Post Mon Oct 30, 2000 1:12 am

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i mean boogiemanz1 sorry for the mix up.

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