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Post Sun Jul 23, 2000 10:19 pm

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I have 8 fiber clutch disc. 1 is about 3/16" thick, other 7 are 1/8" thick. they are 5 1/4" across. Made by Raybestos, patten # 1790944 other # 1270559 & 1281219. I had 741 Indian army bike.Brother had 4cyl & 39 big twin. Question. are these disc from one of them, if so what would be fair price ? they are used but are smooth,writing is still good in contact surface. Thanks for any coment in advance. HRIDER45,


Post Sat Jul 29, 2000 4:06 am

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Hey, I don't have parts # referencess here, but Indian V twin stock steel plate sets are about $60 new, fiber plate sets new about $60. The bad news is that these stock fibers are obsolete...newer fiber designs work VERY MUCH better, like better (no-crunch) shifting, steel plates can still be used.

Post Sat Jul 29, 2000 6:40 pm

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Hi Tray, Appreciate info, thought maybe I had found something somebody could use. Hrider


Post Mon Jul 31, 2000 4:16 am

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While were talking about the new tech clutches the three that I know of are the SINISTER BRONZE fron Charles Quay(sp?) a little over $300. plus shipping from the Netherlands he makes these for the Scout Chief and Four. They are Sinistered Bronze just like a truck clutch and work very well. Patric Duffy (Duff)and rob Olson mfg. the King clutch wich is Kevlar pressure bonded to alluminum plates for the V twins they get$100. for just plates and $140. for for lined plates steel plates and new ground springs.Havent herd Four prices yet. All early reports on these are very good. And I hear rumors that Starklite is going to come out with a Kevlar much like the king Clutch except on steel plates.

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