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101 bopper-projekt

Post Sat Mar 18, 2000 7:47 pm

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Hi everybody,
I am working on a 101 projekt-bike. I haven't got more than an engine (without Cylinders), frame+fork, Sportscout flywheels, cast iron oilpump, Triumph duplex frontbrake and Honda CB400 reardrum and a Prince tank (bad cond.-badly "repaired"). I am going to buy some swedish Sportscout cylinders as soon as possible and I wouldn't mind using a dell'Orto-carb. Is there anybody who has done something like this before or wants to give some suggestions or hints when it comes to putting all these parts together. I want the bike to be reliable and fast at the same time.
Scouts - wo wir sind ist vorne!
Thanks, Andi

Post Sun Mar 19, 2000 4:28 am

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The flathead power cylinders are a great idea, it was common to use 640 cylinders on bobbers. I see nothing wrong with the castiron oil pump 39 or later. I would sugest the later style rods, magnaflux them! Or better yet use a set of aftermarket rods.
Have you considered stroking it? That is the easyist way to more horse power if your doing a complete rebuild. Just turn .125" off the outside dimater of the wheels and face the sides untill they are flush with the weights. Then use a stepped pinion shaft, aviable fron any of the big boys. Then ballance as usual. Either way use tall pistons and relive the heads Bonneyville style. It'll love Bonney Cams.

Post Mon Mar 20, 2000 2:03 pm

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Thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate your suggestions very much. I've bought the flywheels already assembled. Have to check with the previous owner what modifications were done.
Yes, I've thought of Bonneville cams and forgot to mention that I am looking for a mag (Huntor Morris? Does it makea difference?) and a generator drive (for a Kawasaki generator).
I am looking forward to hearing from other projects, Do's and Dont's etc...
Best regards, Andi

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