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Post Tue Jan 21, 2003 5:45 am

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anyone know of a good frame shop, I did a real good inspection of the straight leg frame, and found a bit of the tubing was bent/flattened (cam side of the frame). I guess i better find a place with jigs and a table and someone who knows something. Ya know its always something!

Post Tue Jan 21, 2003 11:33 pm

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G&B Custom Cycles advertises in the AMCA magazine. They have much experience with issues that are particular to frames from our era. I have had nothing but the best of service from them and highly reccomend them to you. The proprietor is George Schwartz. address is: 1805B Barton Ave. West Bend, Wisconsin 53090 Phone: 414-335-1943

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Post Tue Jan 21, 2003 11:33 pm

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Post Wed Jan 22, 2003 3:02 am

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You don't need a jig, nor a specific frame table.
Even Jimmy Long (who seems to have some sort of saintly reverence by some)uses just a conventional rack with simple hydraulic jacks.

It ain't rocket science, but it does take patience. There's a great description of the means of determining alignment in the manual, and a little common sense about where to put the pressure often results in the frame's own "memory" returning it to straight. (That's why you avoid heat at all costs!) Often a simple turnbuckle from the farm supply is enough to pull a downtube back in line.

Harley frames are a piece o' cake to straighten. Try an Indian or Henderson (Schwinn) frame some time!

Post Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:26 am
A year ago I would have (and did on this board) echo(ED) your praise for G & B. They did a bang up job on my 39' frame. at the same time I sent them a 41-46 45" frame with a mild push to the right. I have been waiting a year for it and am getting the run around on it as I call every 2 weeks or so. "it will be done in a couple of days.. etc." I'm not so sure that I am not resigned in the fact of taking a day off and just going down and getting it. Cotten want to take a stab at it? As any of the vendors on this board know I pay up front as fast pay makes fast friends!

Post Wed Jan 22, 2003 2:23 pm

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Sorry, I'm booked up solid for years, and only taking in benchwork (like carbs and manifolds) these days.

G&B is no slower than I would be, as I have motors on the bench for nearly as long or longer! (Indians is dif'runt...!)

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Post Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:09 pm

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" Someday I hope to play with my own toys" Yeah, OK good luck........jb

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