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Us wanna kno....

Post Mon Oct 04, 1999 3:04 pm

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Location: oxford, NC, USA
wher be's dat Benwa an' how fass didi go at Maxton?


Post Thu Oct 07, 1999 5:37 am

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Hi Trapjaw
I didnt make it to Maxton in Sept.Going to
try to make it in Oct.I would like to take
my new bike IF its done in time.It will be
close.If not Ill make some changes and take
the old one.

Post Sun Oct 10, 1999 3:25 pm

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Location: oxford, NC, USA
Hi dere Ben!

I isn't gonna git to go dis tims, But I gots a fren'll be dere on Satiddy an' he'll be's tell'n me all abouts it.

Wishes ya all de bes' luck!


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