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New Can of Worms- '36 Value

Post Sun Apr 28, 2002 6:10 am

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This is a great looking bike, and I like the colors a lot, but the serial number is what is jacking up the price. In my opinion a '36 Knuckle belongs in any collection. Who collects serial numbers?

Post Mon Apr 29, 2002 5:02 am

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Somboedy keeps erasin stuff on dees boards. Keep noticin' this. Thought we had a new reply to this thread but it ain't here. whuum?

Last time I saw a (maybe) relistic high price on a motorcycle, for a starting bid, was when the (Documented) last BSA Goldstar, from the factory, went up for bid. And it was still in the crate. Mark's in a dream world oblivliously. Maybe if it was in the crate, never registered, and not held back for the valve spring cup instalation, as I had mention on another thread.

If I remember right, the BSA in the crate didn't meet the minimum sale bid of $50,000. And these bikes came with each own's dyno certificate.

I'll try to gather the rest of this info for the comparison.


PS if Mark gets his bucks.... more power to him

I just posted this and the 2nd post (Conan's) came up after I submitted it 3 hours after I read and noticed the discrepancy. WEIRD

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Post Thu May 02, 2002 4:51 am

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That $150k isn't even the reserved price yet. I thought about placing a bid just to see where the reserve price is, but I'm afraid of meeting the bid and being the only one and I can't afford it. I feel the value might be OK if it were 100% original parts from the original 1002 bike. But that's just my opinion. Myself I own bikes to ride. Didn't the add say Mark was an AMCA judge?

Post Thu May 02, 2002 5:06 pm

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This bike has been together for a long time if it is not original. It sat in the Sauk Prairie Wisconsin HD dealer for a long time. He purchased it unrestored for $20,000 about 4/5 years ago. Jerry

Post Thu May 02, 2002 6:46 pm

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for the "what it's worth" dept.
I know this machine. The dealer I worked for back in the early/mid '90's picked this bike up and stored it for the bike owner, the dealer didn't buy it, just stored it for the owners "some day I'll........dreaming". The bike was sitting in the weeds w/no cylinders installed, it had a hydraulic front end on it as well. I have no idea how long it sat out there in the Wisconsin winters just rotting away. The heads and cylinders came with it. As did pretty much the rest of the engine and the bike in general. It was rough, really really rough. A few years ago when I was in Daytona working a booth for bikeweek, I came across the "ad" in welnecks magazine. I knew the bike had been sold by the owner via the dealer I used to work for. Naturally the owner, now days, is kicking himself everytime the topic of this bike comes up. Anyway, I called Mark about the bike as I knew which bike it was by the number. He mentioned that the head & cylinder castings were missing some kind of markings that were usually present on the '36 knucks. I'm no antique expert by any means and I'm definitely not going to nit pick anybody's restoration just because they didn't use a bolt that didn't have numbers on it, or the bike was built on wednesday and the replacement part was built on a thursday or whatever, you get the idea. I think that's rediculous nit picking. Anyhow, Mark, at that time had turned down an offer form the factory of $150,000 after he gave them information to prove to them that this bike was authentic. Between Mark and the factory, they're fairly certain that these parts that lack the normal markings were either prototype/test pieces or first run production test pieces. At that point in time, Arthur Davidson was still involved with R&D at H-D and there was speculation running amuck that this bike may have been his own personal machine or if not his, one of the other owners. According to H-D's records, one of the first 2 knucks was stolen and the other I believe was crashed. If someone wants to take the time to contact Marty Rosenbaum (H-D's historian) about this go ahead, I don't have the time. He may be able to enlighten someone better than what I've learned. So anyway, I believe Mark will probably want to stick with the $150,000 since that's what the factory has offered and it is my guess, that the offer probably still stands. That's more 'n likely as low as he will go.

Post Fri May 03, 2002 12:16 am

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I always enjoy reading about the history of restored early bikes and cars. There is an ongoing discussion about 1909 Model T Ford #2, it too has prototype parts on it.

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