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Sport intake valves

Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 4:40 pm

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I hope everyone remembers my fossil hillclimber head project from the old forum: Most top fins removed, dual intakes, submerged in a sunken basement for a generation. I intend to run open springs and rockers, valve seals, double plugs ('cos that's where fins are missing)and now I am considering cutting thin-stem guides from scratch, since I have some nitrided Sport intakes left over. They are the same length, and I have to re-seat anyway.
Does anyone have experience with huge valves, like crashing or anything? I have a choice of mild to rad cams.

Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 8:08 pm

No personal experience, but 2" Chrysler 392 valves were frequently used, seemed to work, so your 1.94" XLs should be OK, and the .309" stem should improve flow, reduce weight, etc. Go for it!

Post Fri Oct 08, 1999 1:05 pm

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I haven't removed the 'originals' yet because they look so nifty all wormy and fosssilized. I assume they are probably stock. This is still a drawing board project; I doubt that I shall go as radical on the valves as "MOM". I am probably doomed to only about 68" displacement. This is just as well, as the heads will be hot runners with all the missing fins, and I must use vintage cases also ('37 or '40). The chassis weighs 400 lbs. wet with a pan motor in it currently, so I guess you could say I am doing a little "lightweight".

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