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Rear wheel hub needs machining for 42 WLA

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I have a rear wheel hub for a 42 WLA. the bearing surface on the star side of the hub is kinda chewed up. I have heard of people that can machine them for Timkens. Does anyone know who does this? Alternatively, can the hub be machined and a race be installed? Thanks.

Post Tue Sep 05, 2006 1:16 pm

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These guys CLAIM that they do "hub regrinding" but I have no experience with them. Might be worth a phone call ... always better than e-mail

Let us know what they say ...


Post Wed Sep 06, 2006 5:37 am

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I have the name and phone # of the guy who does the electro plating and machining to restore the races in a hub. He charges around 150.00 for the service so it is usually not practical economicly unless the hub is rare and valuable, like the pre 40 hubs. Email if you want the # and I will search my coffee cans for it.

Chuck Sumner

I had a macheinest bore out the old race and make a new one out of a good grade of stainless, freeze the new one, heat hub, and press in race, then when cool, finnish race to take standard rollers. I have been riding it for over 5 years and see no noticable wear on replacement race

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Ya don't need to make races. Sportster Male rod race fits the big side and 45" Male rod race fits the small side. You need to ID grind the old races out. OD gring some material off the outside of the new races. chill the races in the freezer. Warm the hubs and press them in. Lap to STD. and rebuild the hub.

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