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Buy, Buy, American pie

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Post Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:53 pm

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Post Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:28 pm

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That was fun!
If it's made in china, it's probably crap. It's a worlwide consensus...
Those guys just doesn't understand the words quality and copyright.

Post Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:06 pm

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That was great,
since wal mart is one of the bigger purveyors in this ,time to boycott them, :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: nice thought however we are supposed to be the united states of america! coulda fooled me when it comes down to real issues here ,as they united we stand but devided we fall I spent many years in the bering sea and noth pacific in different areas of the sea food industry and when I buy seafood in the store it us or no sale at least to a greater degree i know what is in it and i have helped keep my brother fishermen employed smitty

Post Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:56 am

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There have been a lot of people up here buying those POS Chinese scooters that are copies of copies of Honda POS scooters. I'm, kind of the local go to guy for electrical problems. so I've been trying to help these folks out when their scooters won't scoot. You can have 2 bikes , same year, same model, same brand, that use completely different wiring schematics. On some green is ground, and then they will throw in a green hot wire. I was diagnosing one with no spark a while back. I couldn't figure it out, so I called their tech support. The bike would spin over, but no fire. The tech guy asked me if it had a brake light. Well, no it didn't. brake light was burned out. He said to replace the brake light and it would run. THEY RUN THE IGNITION CIRCUIT THROUGH THE BRAKE LIGHT! SAFETY FEATURE! I changed the brake light bulb and it fired right up. They use cheap metals. The screws and bolts twist off with almost no effort. Gotta lock-tite everything. Don't get me started on the Kazuma Mammoth 800 I've had in and out of the shop the last 6 months! Venting over. Have a NICE day!

Post Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:59 pm

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Well, I think I've heard of everything now; an ignition circuit through the brake light. Jeez.
About time to double the labor rates!

What's really a shame is sitting at the railroad crossing watching all of those Chinese label containers going by on the rail cars and knowing that our economy coughs up countless billions of dollars each year so the Chinese economy can peddle junk (most of which will be in the dumpster inside of 3 months) and suck jobs away from the U.S.
Personally, I'd rather pay a few bucks more for something and have it made better and in the U.S.

Post Sat May 22, 2010 4:56 pm

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I'm with you 44u as are many more but where do you find something made in the U.S. these days ? I often wondered if somebody with a little business smarts and $$$ would start a franchise store of U.S. made goods ONLY would be able to pull it off ? imagine all the U.S. manufactures that would flock to that guy ! He would grow big time overnight and If it were a great sucess it might help turn the economy around and put alot of people back to work ! Course one would have to get past the Govornment idiots that seem to want to dampen dreams like that :x
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Post Sat May 22, 2010 9:32 pm

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Well, I think I've heard of everything now; an ignition circuit through the brake light. Jeez.
About time to double the labor rates!

Actually not the first time for this clever idea. H-D had that in the Aermacchi built lightweights in the early '70s. The x90, Z90, etc. Customers would bring them in dead, replace the taillight bulb and presto, it works again!

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